"Needless to say, everybody just looooooooved the chocolate .... they were all gone!...and everybody had nothing but great things to say about those fantastic truffles....which, of course, I didn’t have time to try because they were all gone."
GEOX, Toronto

"You have such a gorgeous product and it tastes amazing too. You really have a flair for packaging...it looks wonderful!"
Marianne, Toronto

"Les chocolats sont SUPER WOW"
GEOX, Quebec City

"Well we devoured the goodies, so now we are really stuck as we have this terrible syndrome of NWS that is going round (Nadia Withdrawal Syndrome). Our concern is that if this does not work too well we may need to be put on the mailing list for regular replacement orders. However we are not sure if we can control the shakes that goes along with NWS for that long."
Bob, Toronto

"I tried them and I was quite impressed with your chocolate!"
Diane, Kitchener

"I received a box of your chocolates. Let me say delicious! My daughter & I really enjoyed them."
Dawn, Ottawa

"I happened to sample your chocolate when they were being distributed. Yumm.... 5 seconds of bliss!!!"
Lynn, Toronto

"Thank you for the chocolates that you provided us for our Luncheon. They were a big hit! Particularly the basket! People could not get over that!"
Mississauga's Choral Society
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